Asthma 2


The study started on 2007 with a project of Veneto region, funded for two years (2007-2008). In the following years the necessary funding to collect the data and to make the annual reports were not renewed resulting in a voluntary data collection. The Società Servizi Telematici found alternative funding to continue to develop, in aggregate and anonymous manner, the informative reports to be distributed to the participants. It was used a sample of 30 family paediatricians to conduce this pilot study with the aim of assessing the clinical and therapeutic management of asthma. 

The data will also be used as part of the program to development a new asthma medications and to evaluate, in another pilot study, the functionality of a network of FP for the conduct of pharmacovigilance study of a new anti-asthmatic drug which will appear on the market in 2-3 years.

Partecipants and Collaborations


Chiesi S.P.A.


The study was funded by Chiesi S.P.A.